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See Kent

See Kent is a new listings and what’s on website set up by a Kent-based experienced journalist and aims to showcase the latest and greatest events, attractions and experiences that the county offers. We hope to keep you up to date and inspired with things to do and see.

See Kent covers the county’s historical sights and buildings, beaches, parks and gardens. New events, pop ups and festivals will be listed too. With our easy to use categories and filters it’s simple to find out what’s on and what to do – whether it’s by area, if accessible or whether your four-legged friends can come too.

Free for businesses to be listed and visitors to use, See Kent will be adding lots more ideas and sections. We will be constantly updating information, adding new events, attractions, sectors and lots more. Any advertising or sponsorship will be signposted as such.

If you have a venue or an event that you would like to be featured or updated, then please fill out our form on the website – we would love to hear from you. Please bear in mind we are a small team, but we have big ideas and ambitions!

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See Kent finds out what’s on, sourcing all the essential details you may need. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Explore, experience and enjoy the world that See Kent has to show you.

Kent, the county with it all.

See Kent, Know Kent.

Editorial Director/Publisher: Wendy Copping
Contributors: Sophie Bland, Alice Mulinya and Julia Davies.
Picture Credits: Home Page: Arthur Knoepflin/ unsplash.com • Things To Do: J K/ unsplash.com • What’s On: Bruno Emmanuelle/unsplash.com • Sign up to our Newsletter background, Joseph Vary/unsplash.com
We are supporting the Kickstart Scheme.
While every effort has been made to ensure information is as accurate as possible, we are not liable for any changes that a company or event makes at the last minute, whether time changes or price amendments. We do our best to endeavour to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible from the information we have at the time of publication. We reserve the right to select content for publication.
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