Fireworks & Bonfire Nights In Kent 2023

Still dates to be dazzled by the sky full of fireworks, effigies being burnt on bonfires, and family-friendly extravaganzas full of funfairs and magical moments. Find fireworks in Kent in 2023 with our great round up of events.
Please note that the Quex Park fireworks event has been cancelled.

While some may like our round up to find fireworks in Kent 2023, not everyone will be – especially pet owners with animals that get scared and stressed by fireworks. See our Dogs and Fireworks blog full of tips on how to keep pets calm with the sounds, smells and sights that can stress them, as well as help from the RSPCA, The Blue Cross and The Dogs Trust.

On the 5th of November over 400 years ago Guy Fawkes hatched a plot to, excuse the pun, spark a Catholic uprising by blowing up parliament and everyone in it – including King James I and many of his leading nobles. He was of course caught, but from this Bonfire Night was born, as it is popularly known, annually remembered, with millions spent each year on displays at castles, local cricket grounds, schools and many more venues.  Find fireworks in Kent 2023 near you below:


By Katie James

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Child on someones shoulder watching a bonfire for Fireworks & Bonfire Night in Kent 2023 blog post of events

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