Ashford Warren & Hoads Wood is a wood pasture of geological and historical interest, that while some important habitats have declined, survivors such as the ‘relic’ wood pasture, rare acid grassland, wet pools, and veteran trees can be seen as well stunning views. Wildflowers, heathland, ponds as well inhabitants such as grass snakes, great crested news and spotted woodpeckers may also be visible to visitors, as well as seasonal grazing animals including cattle and Konik horses in the over 43 hectares of woodland. Banks of bluebells are also highlights.

Opening Hours
At all times


Paths run along the bottom edge of the reserve, and from the car park to the main pond with compacted gravel path/sand. Kissing gates, one with a RADAR key. All other routes have parts of steep inclines, steps, and uneven surfaces.

Parking at the end of the lane, it is on a slope with an uneven surface.

Picture Credit: Kent Wildlife Trust.

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