The only escape games venue in Tunbridge Wells, offering multiple themed rooms where players have to search for cleverly disguised clues that test their mental dexterity through exciting and creative puzzles. Challenge yourself in a race against the clock to escape. Games include Temple Quest - hunt for the missing explorer and Jail Break - see if you can get on the right side of the bars.

2 players: £50
3 players: £46
4 players: £84
5 players: £95
6 players-: £105.

Unadvisable to anyone who is unable to crawl. They will endeavour to create a disability-friendly game in the future.

Tunbridge Wells - 15 minutes.

Advisory Notes
Suitable for ages 8 years +. Children aged 12 years and under will need to be accompanied in the game by a responsible adult.

Picture Credit: © Clue Cracker.


The Shuffle House, 68 St John's Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9PE, UK

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