The Folkestone Harbour Train Station was reopened in 2018 not as a station but as a place to visit and is part of the landscaped walking route connecting the Harbour Arm, Boardwalk and Viaduct (please see our separate listings for more details on each). It is part of Harbour & Seafront Development Company's aims to introduce new pedestrian routes that will unite disparate areas of the harbour as they are regenerated. The station sits at the pivotal point for this and visitors can pass through as they follow the landscaped linear park along the old track bed, or rest on the wooden seating.
The Station’s history starts in 1850 serving the town, and was the world’s first international timetabled rail-sea-rail service, linking London to Paris as well as a good trade hub. In 1900 around 200,000 passengers used Folkestone Harbour; this number had already grown to around half a million a year by 1911. It served troops during both World Wars where an estimated the last passenger train ran in 2009, and it was formally closed in 2014. The route transports visitors by foot now rather than rail.

Picture Credit: © Harbour & Seafront Development Company.

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