At Lower Bush Alpacas in Rochester enjoy a number of experiences with the animals - take a walk with them, enjoy a picnic in the countryside, as well as seasonal events.

Opening Hours
Meet the Aplacas
Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Alpaca Keeper Experience
9am to 4pm
Other experiences subject to availability.

Meet the Alpacas
Child - under 2 years: Free
Walk The Alpaca
1 Alpaca: £30
2 sharing: £35
3 people sharing 1 alpaca: £40
Alpaca Picnic Experience
Up to 6 people: £40.
Alpaca Keeper Experience

Age Guidance
Under 8 years cannot lead the alpaca but can hold the end of the lead rope. Age 8- 11 can lead the alpaca with an adult holding the tail end of the lead rope. Age 12- 16 can lead their own alpaca if accompanied by an adult. Alpaca Keeper Experience from 10 years.

Picture Credit: © Lower Bush Alpacas.

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