Polar Helicopters offer helicopter sightseeing flights for up to an hour where you can experience aerial views of the local area, with several flights to showcase Kent's countryside, castles, landmarks, towns, and coastline. Dover Castle, the White Cliffs, Canterbury, and Margate and Pegwell Bay are just a few vistas you can choose from depending on the length of your tour. Heli-dining, where you are flown to and from a venue for dining and charter flights are also available. Also offer flights from Rochester Airport.

Sightseeing Flights
Price per seat/exclusive (up to 4 people)
20 minutes : £99/N/A
30 minutes: £139/ £489
40 minutes: £189/ £659
60 minutes: £275/£969

Picture Credit: © Polar Helicopters.

  • Spitfire Way, Hangar 10, Manston Airport, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 5FF, UK

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