Princess Pocahontas has many legends that surround her as well as being a Disney film character, one of which is that she was a native American who saved the life of pioneer Captain John Smith in 1607. It has also been claimed that she was used as a ransom to release eight Englishmen, as well as playing a significant role in bringing harmony and faith between her father, a chief of a network of tribes, and the English. Princess Pocahontas instructed in the Christian faith, and married the Englishman who taught her, travelled to England and became a regular in the court of King James.
The reason for her presence in Gravesend is that on her journey back to her homeland she was taken ill and died, and thne was buried in St George’s graveyard.


  • St George's Churchyard, Church Street, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0DJ, UK

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