Rusthall Common is famous for its sandstone outcrops, produced by wind and water erosion during the Ice Age, like its near neighbour the Tunbridge Wells Common. These strange shapes are the reason it is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest and many of these were named in the Victorian times including the striking Toad Rock. The overhanging rock outcrops at Happy Valley are striking, and were first used thousands of years ago in the Middle Stone Age. The Common is carefully managed to provide a thriving natural habitat for a number of wildlife, many rare species and many of those can be seen, though many not such as the Common Doormouse and the bats and owls who enjoy nightly visits. Map with trails on the website.

The trails use a variety of paths, including some unsurfaced ones, and in places they are steep, with steps.

On leads.

Advisory Notes
Please cross the roads with great care.

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