Closed for visitors.

St Mary of Charity is in the heart of Favesham impressive size shows the importance of the town in the Middle Ages, as it is large for parish church standards and is larger than some of UK’s smaller cathedrals. The famous 'crown spire' was built in 1794-7 'as the medieval central tower, with many hidden treasures to be found inside, including the painted column dating from circa 1306 and the emblazoned tomb of Edward Gagg who lived in the town during Elizabeth 1’s reign.

Opening Hours
April to October
November to March

If visiting the church please check on website their Coming Services to ensure you do not come when a service is on.

Tour Guides
Please check with the Parish Administrator if you will be bringing a large group to the church.

Additional Notes
Close the glass doors behind you when you enter and leave.
It gets very cold in the church and sometimes birds do fly in.

Picture Credit: © St Mary of Charity.

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