Swanscombe Heritage Park in Dartford is landscaped across 2 significant finds of early man as flint tools dating back 400,000 years to the early Stone Age and Palaeolithic periods litter the buried landscape under the current town. It is also one of only 2 sites in Britain where actual human remains from this period were found, with three different pieces of the same skull – the Swanscombe Skull – discovered. The park, a former quarry, is landscaped across the deposits of the skull and flint, and features an accessible trail with giant granite blocks where the fragments were found. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also a National Nature Reserve (NNR). There are family events in the park throughout the year including a Teddy Bear picnic in July. There is also a children’s play area.

Opening Hours
At all times.


PIcture Credit: © Swanscombe Heritage Park.

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