Theatre in Kent includes The Oasthouse Theatre which is home to the Rainham Theatrical Society (RaTS) Ltd. They run live music and theatre events.

Opening Hours
Doors:  7:30pm
Shows: 8pm - unless otherwise stated.

Varies per show - booking fees apply.

The Oasthouse Theatre is a listed building. The fire escape is a set of steps (around 15) into Stratford Lane. One side of the main staircase is fitted with a stair lift. On the ground floor, there is a single step down into the lower foyer from Stratford Lane. The auditorium at the Oasthouse Theatre is located on the first floor. There are no wheelchair spaces in the auditorium per se, but it is possible for a wheelchair to occupy a position next to seat A1 at the entrance to the auditorium. However, this will have a restricted view of the rear and left of the stage (from an audience perspective).

There is no parking in Stratford Lane. Suggested parking at Rainham shopping centre, behind the Cricketers pub, or opposite the bottom of Mierscourt Road A few spaces are available in the JCB Citroën (formerly Hidson's) car park. This facility is only available for evening shows after the dealership closes at 6pm.

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