TimeQuest offers five missions that include battling odd time shifts and working out how to avoid the TimeTurners from stopping you graduating from the TimeQuest Academy in Agent 101. Or join the Quest to save Camelot and in Elf Magic 2: The Santa Clause try the mission where the aim is to save Christmas.

2 people: £50
3 people: £63
4 people:£70
5 people: £75
6 people: £80

Paddock Wood

6 Service

From Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Maidstone the number 6 takes you Hop Farm

Advisory Notes
Minimum of two and maximum of six players for each mission, your group only in a mission.
Children under the age of 14 years require an adult (18 years and over) to be present in the room with them.
Please note that TimeQuest is on the 2nd floor, accessible by stairs only.
Missions maximum of 60 minutes.

Free Parking

Picture Credit: © TimeQuest

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