The marble steps you walk up to enter the hotel have been there since 1914 when the hotel was originally built by Louisa Budge. It was owned by the Budge family until 1995. Restoration shortly after that started with the new owners, photographs of which can be seen in the museum. The hotel itself is part of the museum's collection in a way - two original gas lamps from the period are still operational, as is the original trellis gated Otis lift. There are exhibits of interest on all five floors of the Walpole. Around the hotel - in cabinets in the reception, bar, and dining area - objects from many periods have been collected or donated. The artefacts cover the history of the town, the restoration of the hotel, and also of the hotel itself.

The museum is free - donations are welcome.

Picture Credit: © Walpole Bay Hotel & Museum.

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