Wye National Nature Reserve is a chalk grassland is notable for the range of orchids, with 21 species having been recorded including the lady and fly orchids and the rare late and early spider and man orchid. The 134 hectares reserve also has over 3.5 kilometres of hedgerows, with reptiles and around 50 bird species including nightingales, hawfinches, less spotted woodpeckers and kestrels making it their habitat. It has stunning views and has a rich history, with evidence that the land was cultivated during the mid-Neolithic period (around 3000 BC) and was used for military training during the first and second world wars For more details there is a  PDF leaflet on their website.

Fields at the top of the reserve may be accessible to those with limited mobility, but other parts are not or for those using a wheelchair.

Wye station - 2km.

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