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Mar 28
Family-Friendly Festivals In Kent

For 2024 Kent is home to a variety of festivals and shows throughout the year. The Garden of England offers a spectacle of fun for everyone with festivals for kids within a festival, children’s funfairs and games, and attractions for families at a variety of festivals in Kent. Whether it’s food festivals, family-focussed fun, historical-themed […]

Mar 27
Music Festivals In Kent

There are plenty of Music Festivals in Kent for 2024 so get ready for a summer filled with events featuring various genres. Diversity is the name of the game with kid’s raves, dance parties, rock concerts, classical performances, folk and pop shows, retro throwbacks, and much more. Catch your favourite act on one stage, or […]

Mar 26
Food & Drink Festivals in Kent

Kent is home to a great variety of festivals and food and drink is just one of the many popular themes that the Garden of England showcases – not only its amazing local produce but drink and culinary delights from around the world. Food festivals in the Garden of England offer great food and drink, […]

Mar 15
Free Festivals In Kent

Festivals in Kent are a highlight here at See Kent and the Garden of England offers a spectacle of fun for everyone. There are plenty that are free whether it’s food festivals, family-friendly events, car shows or music events – Kent has them all. This round-up of free festivals in Kent will be updated regularly […]

Aug 23
Festivals In Kent – Theatre, Arts & Crafts

 Festivals of theatre, crafts, poetry, and lots more in Garden of England for 2024 will be coming soon as we update our new year listings. See our Festivals in Kent for the year for details of similar events. Festivals In Kent 2024 Theatre, Arts & Crafts Coming Soon  See Kent, Know Kent Picture Credit: © […]

Aug 12
Festivals In Kent – Themed Shows

Kent is home to a great range of festivals inspired by a range of themes – classic cars, kids, military displays, and plenty more- our update for 2024 coming soon   Festivals In Kent 2024 Themed Shows Coming Soon KEEP UP TO DATE WITH WHAT’S GOING ON & SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER You can unsubscribe […]

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